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Be like thousands of our satisfied customers and change your grey hair colour
to your original colour in a few days with our special enzymatic molecular formula.

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2 weeks

I am completely happy with the product. When I bought it, I didn’t really believe it would work, but after only the fourth application, I saw a change. After three weeks of use, my hair regained its natural colour. It’s easy to apply and my hair colour looks much more natural than with traditional hair dyes. I definitely recommend the product.

Jaison S. from Liverpool

4 months

I see a big difference on my gray hair. At first it is a clear liquid and as soon as oxidation occurs, it darkens. Be very careful when applying, as this can leave stains on the skin and your clothes, but don’t worry, the stain on the skin and clothes will wash off after a few washes. I followed the instructions. It takes a lot of patience, but it’s worth it.

Amelia I. from Chester

3 days

I tried various anti-gray hair products but nothing worked. I almost decided to dye my hair but, luckily, my wife thought of using For grey hair. I tried it and I have to say that my brown beard is slowly coming back in less than 3 days.

Harry S. from London

2 weeks

I have been using For Grey Hair since the beginning of March. I’m pleasantly surprised, it really works. The gray on the top of the head is gone, but it’s harder on the sides, but I see great progress there as well. I even feel like my hair has stopped falling out. So far my rating: very satisfied.

Susanna M. from Bristol

4 days

Perfect results. A few applications were enough and an extreme difference came. Thank you for this product.

Charlie F. from Oxford

3 weeks

I am satisfied with For Grey Hair for woman. The final effect can be seen after regular application. I recommend and thank you for your help.

Patricia A. from London

3 weeks

I been using For grey hair for 4 months. My hair stopped greying and gained a perfect shine. They look healthier and of higher quality at first glance. I also regained natural colour. When grey hair is not nourished, it becomes unruly and frizzy. My hair was renewed from the inside, not just on the surface, as it is with hair dyes which only colour the hair. Now I can see the difference between coloured grey hair and a natural hair colour. Thanks for that difference.

Arthur R. from Cambridge

1 month

After using the product for a month, I have to say that it is great and works well. I applied the bottle directly to the scalp, just a little on a small area and then massaged it in properly. The key to success is easy access, consistency and patience.

Sofia E. from Leicester

3 weeks

I was amazed and at the same time surprised by the effect of your product for grey hair. I didn’t expect it … After 2 applications I can say that the effect was quite visible! I would say 80%.I can only recommend and confirm the effect of the product. It works!

Harry M. from Doncaster

3 months

A truly effective preparation, the growing hair has regained its original color. I recommend tryin it.
Maximum satisfaction.

Amelia O. from Belton

3 weeks

I tried a lot of solutions and only For Grey Hair helped me. Most of the products I tried smelled unpleasantly and I had a feeling of oily hair. For Grey Hair is simply great. It works immediately. Just apply to damp hair and you’re young again.

Freddie H. from Skipsea

3 months

It is absolutely the most amazing product. I am very happy that you have invented it. I couldn’t wish for anything better. Good luck to you all!

Isabella L. from Preston

4 months

I have tried hundreds of hair colors throughout my whole life. I was skeptical when I saw a banner with your product – For Grey Hair, which may help with restoring of original hair color. After the first month of usage, I can finally tell that I found what I was searching for. I didn’t believe that some enzymatic formula can cause a return to my original brown hair color. It happened. Your new satisfied customer.

Arthur E. from Bedale

1 month

I was truly shocked when For Grey Hair came another day after my order. I didn’t expect so quick shipping services. Thumbs up! It is also good that you have 3 application options so you can choose the best one for you.

Jack T. from Edinburgh

1 month

I bought this product for my man. He used few other products before. He likes this because it has no unpleasant odor. He also likes that it has a natural hair color that doesn’t look like dyed.

Oliver G. from Lodon

2 months

It works well … Over the course of a few days, I’ve seen a difference in my husband’s hair. Now he uses it once a week for maintaining natural hair color.

Archie M. from Edinburgh

1 month

It works. It met my expectations. With this, my hair looks amazing. I found a “How to use it” video that is very simple. I kept forgetting about it. Eventually, I started using the product regularly and I must say that I am extremely satisfied.

Jacob L. from Middleham

1 week

I bought For grey hair month ago after I had seen an advert and I tried it – at first, I didn’t trust it because it’s only a clear liquid. I thought it wouldn’t work. I used gloves to avoid the stains I read about. The effect was already visible after only a week and I was surprised to see my beard brown again. It’s necessary to measure it out slowly and patiently – that’s how it truly regains its original colour.

Jorge K. from Bedale

For Grey Hair – For man 

£ 39.90
(for 1 month application)

For Grey Hair – For woman

£ 39.90
(for 1 month application)

For Grey Hair – For beard

£ 39.90
(for 1 month application)